onM-Class 2002 Fall Trip to Death Valley

Desert Camping

Following last year's good experience with camping out - we will camp Friday and Saturday night There are no hotels in that area that can be reached in a reasonable driving time. I highly recommend the camping nights when exploring roads less travelled. I will assist you to pack/buy the right stuff for a night in the desert (don't worry, this will be easy).
Here is what you will need to bring for camping.

Hot springs or not?

We will pass the Saline Valley hot springs on Sunday. It is an ancient Indian site as well as an "ancient" Hippie site (amazing how fast hip things become ancient). As part of the Hippie culture the "clothing optional" rule was adopted by the NPS.

Since most Americans do not feel comfortable sitting with other people in a pool naked - we will drive through the hot springs area without stopping - unless everyone wants me to stop there. If only one participant does not want to stop, we'll continue on. Please don't feel pressured if a good number of people feels like jumping in. The minority tips the scale in this case.

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