onM-Class 2002 Fall Trip to Death Valley (new route!)

We had a great time last year!

We had a blast during our May 2002 spring trip - report coming up 


The fifth M-Class spring trip to Death Valley is scheduled for November 8, 9, 10, 2002. Objective is to get together with other M-Class owners (G-Class owners and drivers of other SUV are welcome) during an exciting trip and simply have a good time. For folks with extremely tight schedules it is possible to join the group for the last two days.

The number of vehicles is limited to 10. No limit to number of passengers.

This is an all camping trip - lodging in a hotel would limit our daily movement  too much. This way we can keep our driving time within the comfort zone of everyone. It is much more fun to have a drink around the campfire in the late afternoon than pushing on to a hotel before nightfall. Lets leave stress behind!

All roads and trails we will be using are open to the public and DO NOT represent any danger to your vehicle as long as you use common sense. Please read my tips for saving your tires and paint (with that your marriage).

Road surface will vary from blacktop to graded dirt to unmaintained dirt. We do not intend to engage in any rough off-road activities. No damage to your vehicle intended - Mother Nature will be safe, too. I'll add a few vital driving tips, so you are mentally prepared for what to expect. Proper positioning on the trail as well as extreme tire care will make a big difference.

Right at the beginning as well as whenever a suitable opportunity offers itself I will share my knowledge about safe 4x4 driving with the group.

My fee is $290 per vehicle including $100 going to a charitable organization. With the donation we avoid being a commercial tour and with that we avoid all the hassle of difficult to obtain permits by the DV NPS, $1 Mio insurance etc.

Send me an e-mail if you want to join and a check of $290 per vehicle. You can either mail me a check or pay online using the paypal.com link on the right.


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