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4x4 Vehicle Recovery Class
Recovery and Self Recovery

Working or playing in off-road environments might require one day that you help someone to get out of a predicament. Or you might have to resort to self recovery if you get stuck with nobody around to help you.

Whether you are using your 4WD vehicle in a recreational environment or prepare for a 4x4 expedition far away from any support - this class is right for you! It teaches the safest, most effective recovery techniques using common recovery tools, plus a few helpful extras. This course will also help you to evaluate which tools and accessories are truly a must have.

Rather than rushing through a brief recovery session during a general 4WD class, I am offering a full one day class filled with safe effective winching techniques plus professional tricks of vehicle recovery and self recovery.

The course will include pulling someone out, towing someone in an off-road setting, towing him home, pulling/winching yourself out, righting a rolled over 4WD truck, moving obstacles out of the way and much more.

We'll keep numbers and physics down to a necessary minimum. It will be a full day of hands on vehicle recovery and self recovery.

To guarantee that you learn as much as possible and practice right away what you learned during this 4WD recovery class, there will be only 6 students in 3 vehicles instructed by one of world's leading 4x4 experts. So, who is that guy? Meet him here.

Course fee:
$235.00 if you bring your own suitable truck
(details on which 4x4 are suitable)
$345.00 if you use one of my trucks

Course location: Rubicon Trail, California

Each course day we'll meet at 9:00 sharp at the lower end of the spillway of Loon Lake dam. Be there or be nowhere!

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I should not really need to mention it, but I will: Main focus aside from driving techniques, recovery methods and valuable background information during all classes will be your personal safety.