Who really needs 4WD off-road training?

How important is it to know how a 4WD vehicle works? Is there really a need to learn how your 4x4 system functions?

How important is it to get training before you use your 4WD on-road or off-road? Do you really need to be trained to drive a 4x4 vehicle off-road?

Well, it depends.

It depends on what sort of 4WD system is used in your car. It depends on how you intend to use your 4x4 truck/car.

Before you sign up for one of the 4x4 off-road training classes - you may want to do a reality check. What do you expect from 4WD and do you own or plan to buy the right vehicle for the intended use?

You don't need to learn how 4WD works and you don't need training if:
A - you use your SUV exclusively on paved roads,
B - you travel on graded dirt roads a couple of times a year.

You should consider 4x4 training if:
1 - you plan on using your SUV frequently on rough off-road trails
2 - you start wondering: "where is that side trail going?"
3 - you start using the words "gears" and "lockers"
4 - you need a 4x4 for your job off-road (NGO, UN, expeditions, mining companies, military, other government agencies).

Driving off-road is a perishable skill - if you don't have a chance to practice frequently, you should take a course every couple of years.

I should not really need to mention it, but I will: Main focus during all courses will be your personal safety.


At 58 years of age--i thought i was educated on "4 wheel drive"......I recently attempted to explain to my daughters the dangers of being overconfident in driving in snow/ice with their "4 wheel drives" and realized i "just knew stuff" and couldn't explain it well. What a help your site is!!!!....... Thank you very much for providing this information in such a clear format. I appreciate the time and trouble you have invested .........Cordially, Charles

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