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Should 4WD training include trail repair instructions?

In general - I don't think so!

Our time is better spent during our 4WD training session to introduce you to lowest impact driving to avoid any damaging stresses on your 4x4 vehicle, rather than showing you how to repair a truck in the field. I call this low impact driving "mechanical sympathy". It prevents break downs. That beats fixing a 4x4 by far.

Simply put - be gentle with your truck! As gentle and careful as you would be with a new girlfriend the first night out.

Sure, trucks get damaged. But you are either mechanically challenged to fix a car or even if you are experienced, you might not have the needed spare part or left the proper tool in the garage. There are great stories about ingenious field fixes - but usually carried out by seasoned 4-wheelers with plenty of experience.

The best solution for us average 4x4 users is to leave home with a properly serviced vehicle and then apply the mechanical sympathy you'll have learnt during all my classes. That'll almost guarantee a pleasant uneventful adventure trip with a safe return home.

The most common break downs during off-road trips are without exception caused by the driver and are therefore preventable. They are: tire failure, damaged steering gear and broken driveline components.

However, some clients have a real need for trail repair instructions.

If needed, I am prepared to include detailed lessons of field fixes - and of course my vehicles are set up with portable welding gear, air compressors and all necessary tools. Just let me know what your needs are and I'll create a custom curiculum to cover them.

I should not really need to mention it, but I will: Main focus aside from driving techniques and valuable background information during all classes will be your personal safety.