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What qualifies me to train you?

Well, the fact that leading VW and Porsche engineers came for training when they developed their new Touareg and Cayenne SUV should give you some confidence that I am able to support your training needs as well.
But there is more - let me give you a brief synopsis:

As a two time Camel Trophy finalist I have been instructing a very distinguished group of clients over the years. 4x4 enthusiasts, civil service personnel and automotive engineers as well as government agencies from law enforcement to FBI and US Special Forces. One of my students made it straight into the US Camel Trophy team!
Please check my list of activities and clients.

It all started as a career in assisting others to discover and learn to appreciate Nature with 4WD vehicles as capable support tools. I have led and oufitted expeditions, supported film crews and have taught every aspect of safe SUV driving. My priority is a clean and easy approach to help you learn safe 4x4 operation. My background as a journalist and a degree in adult learning has helped to convey all necessary steps in an easy to understand way. Easy enough, so that physics and engineering concepts become immediately transparent for everyone.

In 1994 I was approached by a US Special Forces unit to train them. I felt honored. The soldiers were thrilled. Best training they've had ever received, they told me. They kept sending more special ops guys year after year. Cool!

So, if it is good enough for them, it should be good enough for you.

Harald Pietschmann

Class sizes are kept very small and I'll be your instructor for most events. To accommodate larger groups I work with a support team of highly qualified 4x4 trainers.

Client feedback
"Outstanding instructor."

"Zen-like" teaching style"

"Sensei !"

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