A selected few 4WD driving tips

Actually there is an infinite number of things one could do to mess up a 4WD, but I will focus on the most likely things that you will encounter when off-road. Also, all of the following pages deal with light duty recreational use of average 4WD and SUV - just the clean and easy approach to discover the back country - hard core off-road fans need to look somewhere else for driving tips.

Since tire failure is the #1 cause for trouble when off-road, proper tire care and safe driving techniques are covered here first.

• damage prevention
• value of LT tires
tire bruising
• obstacle approach
• wheel cheat
cactus and other poking stuff
sidewall punctures
tire repair kit - plug & pump

To keep your SUV new and shiny, driving tips to save your paint are included as well.

• distraction

Back country roads don't have any signs - nobody tells you what to do - you are on your own. That can make you pretty uneasy. But I'll give you a couple of pointers how to read the road ahead.

• avoid speed (road gone)
• know when tires want to spin - become a psychic
• picking a good line (ruts & rocks)

Modern SUVs have lost a lot of their initial WW II ruggedness and some body parts need special attention. I'll tell what to look out for.

ground clearance
rocker clearance
• improve by building a ramp
• help traction by placing 2nd rock

How to use 4WD

• level A (dirt roads)
• level B (bad dirt roads with obstructions)
• level C ( unmaintained trails)

... and a lot of other valuable stuff:

you want larger tires?
• how to drive (easy)
• don't follow too closely
• the right attitude (tread lightly etc.)
when to engage 4WD
how to engage 4WD (Jeep Grand Cherokee)
selecting 2WD, 4WD, 4Lo etc. etc.
starting in gear?
ABS or not ?
how to enage diff lock
when to engage differential locks
• tire chains or not?
how many chains are needed?
• maps and GPS
buddy system or not ?
automatics and 4WD
beach driving (cars hate soft sand)
• deflating your tires ?
keeping or losing mud flaps
• don't straddle - put tire on it (driver side)
• keep your steering straight (mud/ruts)
• if you stall - don't touch your clutch!!
if you get stuck


Ten stupid things men do to mess up their 4WD

More basic off-road driving tips coming as my time alows

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