Vehicle and equipment requirements -
4x4 Vehicle Recovery Class

As long as you have a few essentials you are welcome to participate in this recovery class and use your own 4x4.

Ideal truck set up for 4x4 recovery course:
short wheel base 4x4 (CJ, YJ, TJ, FJ)
permanent mounted winch (in good working condition)
high output alternator
plenty of straps, chains, shackles, snatches
leather gloves
35" tires
proper lift
80:1 crawl ratio with stick
50:1 crawl ratio with auto
ARB lockers front & rear

Here is what's acceptable:
all wheel bases
frame mounted tow hooks
portable winch
some accessories
leather gloves
31" tires
some lift
40:1 crawl ratio with stick
27:1 crawl ratio with stick

Please note: We picked pretty mean locations - plus recovery and self recovery is rough work in an emergency setting. So, you might get your bumper scratched if it gets a bit tricky.

If I did not cover your setup - don't hesitate to ask me anyway.

I should not really need to mention it, but I will: Main focus aside from driving techniques, recovery methods and valuable background information during all classes will be your personal safety.