Course outline - 4x4 Recovery Class (winch training)

Kinda dry (sorry!) physics, mechanics & tools:
Refresher of basic principles
winch basics
HiLift basics
calculation of resistance
calculation of loads
prep lists
safe operation of equipment
tool maintenance
Introduction and discussion of:
HiLift, winches, come along, primitive tools, portable winches, jacks, cables, ropes, kinetic ropes, chains, straps, anchors, misc. hardware

Hands on:
Evaluation of situation
proper rigging
safe pull out
safe towing
recovery of rolled 4x4
extreme extractions
various line winching
wheel position/steering action
use of HiLift jack
use of come along
substituting for missing accessories
post incident vehicle prep
Psychological challenges

Detailed handout provided
either in print or on CD

more details coming

4x4 recovery class

Detailed Information
(coming soon)

I should not really need to mention it, but I will: Main focus aside from driving techniques, recovery methods and valuable background information during all classes will be your personal safety.