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What better place to learn how to conquer a difficult rocky trail than on the Rubicon Trail! It might be more than you bargained for - but what the heck. You got to start somewhere. So, why not tackle one of the meanest trails in the book.

We'll keep numbers and physics down to a necessary minimum. Most of the time will be intensive hands on training during this excitement filled one day event. Of course you'll learn a lot by studying your fellow student's performance.

To guarantee that you really get your money's worth from this class there will be only 2 students in 2 vehicles instructed by one of world's leading 4x4 experts. So, who is that guy? Meet him here.

Course fee:
$295.00 if you bring your own suitable truck
(details on which 4x4 are suitable)

$375.00 if you use one of my fine 4x4's
(feel free to reserve the one you like best when you sign up)

Course location: Rubicon Trail, California

We will meet in Georgetown early in the morning. Details per e-mail after signup.

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July 13


July 20

B. Ribera (2) manual TJ


August 3


August 17


August 24

J. Hong (2) auto TJ


additional dates upon request

I should not really need to mention it, but I will: Main focus aside from driving techniques, recovery methods and valuable background information during all classes will be your personal safety.

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