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My name is Harald Pietschmann, I am a very young 68 year old - I live in Baja California (Mexico), because sunshine has such a vital influence on our spirit. Whenever I can, I travel the world.

I discovered 1985 that I wanted to explore desert and mountains rather than being confined to an office. Wanted publish my experiences. Wanted to help others to gain the confidence to travel and explore.

1986 bought a Mercedes-Benz 300GD Geländewagen to do so

1986 and 1987 Camel Trophy finalist (Team Germany)
1987 started publishing travel and 4x4 stories
1987 start of outfitter business Baja California
1987 start of teaching safe back country travel
1988 start of outfitter business on Rubicon Trail in Northern California
(providing Mercedes G to be driven by clients)
since 1988 regular contributor "Der Geländewagen" (German G-Club)
since 1988 foreign correspondent for OFF ROAD magazine (Germany)
1990 published Baja California travel guide
1990 organized Baja California excoursion for German G-Club
1991 developed Marlboro adventure travel program
since 1991 Death Valley, Johnson Valley and Moab off-road tours
1991 participant WARN Iceland Glacier Expedition
1992 guided large Russia Ukraine Kazakhstan expedition (75 vehicles)
1992 coproducer for TV documentary Baja California (SAT1 Germany)
1993 published book on Russia expedition
1994 5th place in Baja 500 race as codriver for Darren Skilton
1994 jungle expedition in Indonesia
1994 participated in Mount Washington expedition
1995 started annual 4x4 training program for US Delta Forces (Fort Bragg)
1995 consulting for Mercedes M-Class development
1995 regular contributor "Jeep Welt" (Chrysler Germany)
1996 Baja California expeditions for Rovers North
1996 started hosting web site for G-Class owners
1996 started hosting web site for M-Class owners
1996 started hosting web site for general 4WD advice
(my web sites get 9 million hits a year)
1997 supported Jeep Cherokee press introduction (Los Angeles)
1997 published book on Mercedes M-Class
1997 start of annual Death Valley event for M-Class owners
1998 started the GLK project for Jim Rogers
(I could convince him to mate G and SLK)

1999 4WD training program for VW engineers (Touareg)
1999 published book on Jeep Grand Cherokee (WJ)
2000 4WD training program for Porsche engineers (Cayenne)
2000 start of annual Baja California event (M-Class and G-Class)
2002 4x4 training for trainers of California police/sheriff's academy
2002 4x4 training program FBI
2002 AMG G55 presentation (promotional DVD)
2003 4x4 training program Department of Fish and Game (CA)
2003 4x4 training program Department of Energy
2004 4x4 training program for US Border Patrol
2004 4x4 training for US Department ATF
2005 4x4 training program for US Border Protection
2006 production Dunlop Drivers Cup
2009 4x4 training program for SOCOM (SRATS intro)
2009 4x4 recovery training for OCIO-PSCD
2010 4x4 training program for USASOC
2010 4x4 training program FBI
2010 4x4 recovery training for OCIO-PSCD

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