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La Paz 4WD school
(coming spring 2015)

Chose the 4WD off-road training course that is right for you!

Since there are so many different needs in the 4-wheeling community - I offer a variety of specific fine tuned training programs and courses to exactly address the areas you may want improve your skills in. Combine them as you need them.

Why waste your time and money on a broad off-road course including steep hill climbs and recoveries from mud bogs, when all you want, is to have a safe SUV trip with your family somewhere off the beaten paths? Why learn about field repairs and endless equipment lists if you never touched, and do not ever intend to touch a wrench?

So, to fully understand and use the capability and competence of your 4WD vehicle to your advantage, whether it is your daily driver SUV or a specialized off-road trail machine, I offer the following variety of specialized training classes - you just pick the training course that's right for you:

"Real life" 4WD introduction
one day (details coming soon )

Private One-on-One
Custom 4WD Training

one or multi day

  Explorer Class
2-3 days (details coming soon)

Expedition Prep
4 days (details coming soon)

I should not really need to mention it, but I will: Main focus aside from driving techniques and valuable background information during all classes will be your personal safety.

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"The personnel that have received your training possesses proven skills second to none."

Major A.R. Canum, US Army Special Operations Command - Delta Force

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