ESC (stability control) is the most important new safety feature in cars

Personally I would never buy a car without ESC ever again. I have stability control on my G500 4x4. Mercedes-Benz calls it ESP and has it standard on every single model in their line. Best safety invention since the introduction of seat belts. Ten times better than ABS. Makes you wonder why not all car makers offer it.

From my own experience I can tell you that stability control even saves your day when your heavy trailer wants to jack knife. I had many very positive experiences with ESC/ESP within the last three years.

Good for any day on the road
ESC is always present to assist your driving. Stability control guarantees that the car is going exactly where you want it to go.

Good for snow and ice
Of course slippery roads are a bit safer to drive, when ESP helps you maintain directional stability.

Good on dirt roads
And driving too fast on a dirt road going into a turn - no more fishtailing, no more roll overs! ESC - stability control is an absolute lifesaver for anyone with a 4WD.

Good for trailer pulling
One day I was pulling a very heavy trailer. Going into a turn I needed to brake. The railer brakes reacted a little late and an ever so slight tendency to jack knife the convoy was counteracted by the electronic stability control program. Aside from the flashing warning triangle on the display, I could feel stability control working at counter balancing the forces of the trailer that wanted to jack knife my G500 and the trailer. Stability control saved my day - big time!

So, do yourself a favor and get ESC stability control with your new SUV or car.

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