How ESC/ESP stability control works

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is a stability enhancement system designed to electronically detect instability and assist the driver in critical driving situations. ESC stability control compares a driver’s intended course with the vehicle’s actual movement. When instability is detected, ESC automatically applies brakes to individual wheels and can also reduce engine torque to help keep you on track. Instead of slowing down selected tires, torque vectoring systems instead increase torque at selected tires to maintain stability.

ESC stability control is your safety co-pilot, especially during cornering and avoidance maneuvers. The best part is that the system works automatically, so you can concentrate on driving.

The ESC stability control system relies on information from:

• Wheel speed sensors
• Steering wheel angle sensor
• Yaw rate and lateral acceleration sensors
• Master cylinder pressure sensor

ABS, traction control and stability control have different jobs to do and are not to be mixed up!

Antilock Braking System (ABS) – Controls brake pressure to help prevent wheel lock-up during braking, so you can steer and maneuver around obstacles during braking. more..

Traction Control System (TCS/ETC) – Applies brakes at drive wheels and reduces engine torque to help reduce wheel spin during acceleration. It works across a full range of speeds, whether you’re accelerating after a stop or passing on the highway. more..
Goal: To keep you moving.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC/ESP) – Applies brakes to individual wheels and reduces engine torque to help correct oversteer and understeer. It helps you maintain control in all weather conditions, helping to prevent skids, spins and rollovers. more..
Goal: To keep you moving in the direction you intended the vehicle to go.

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