Ten Stupid Things
men do to mess up their 4WD





Here is why part time 4WD should never be used on dry pavement:

Eventually you will break parts - expensive parts.

All caused by driveline windup

Before you get too upset - most modern 4WD vehicles do not have "part time" 4WD.
They are either "full time" 4WD or AWD. Find out what you have here.

The terms used differ from driveline wind up to axle bind, axle wind up and drive line bind, but fact is, that you can not use part time 4WD on dry high traction surfaces. Period. You'll get drive line windup. This has been known since the invention of 4WD more than 100 years ago.

Unfortunately some owners of part time 4WD vehicles don't know yet.

Then there are some "smart" guys claiming their truck being strong enough to handle part time 4WD and the resulting driveline windup on pavement. And it is true, some trucks are stronger than others - they break later.

If you know about the stresses created by part time 4WD on pavement, you should never expose your truck/car to that kind of hardship.

The extreme tension and pressures caused by the absence of a center differential (or caused by a locked center differential) will break down the protective properties of all lubricants, eventually leading to expensive component failure.

The image above is the transfer case of my Jeep Grand Cherokee after accidentally driving about for 150 miles in part time 4WD on the freeway. It exploded at about 70 mph.

Here is why you get drive line windup in part time 4WD

and why full time 4WD does not get driveline wind up on pavement

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