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 Ten Stupid Things men do... mess up their four wheel drive

• 1 ignoring wheel cheat
(men know - friends are important -- tires are good friends - treat them well)

• 2 using too much speed or power
(many times, faster than too slow is too fast)

• 3 steering at standstill
(power steering is a wonderful tool to break tie rods etc)

• 4 using the clutch the same way as on pavement
(if you don't know what "starting in gear" means and you still use the clutch to regulate speed - see "A smart thing some men do" below )

• 5 following one's gut feeling
(most likely it'll be wrong - humans have no genetic imprint for driving cars yet)

• 6 straddling obstructions
(men should know - they would not take anything high between their legs either)

• 7 rushing through water
(humans want to rush away from danger and get in trouble in the process)

• 8 keeping thumbs in steering wheel
(bruised or broken thumbs really hurt)

• 9 hanging head out of window during difficult driving
(makes you "feel" you are in control - but you'll miss potential danger on the other side)

• 10 using 4WD after getting stuck
(now that is really stupid)

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