Must have information for Mercedes-Benz 460 Gelaendewagen

Content of 460 Workshop Supplement
# of pages
717.43/44 5-speed transmission 115
transfer case VG 080 93
 front axle 100
 rear axle 68
prop shaft 6
pedals / clutch 11
frame 30
trailer coupling 7
springs 14
shocks 6
torsion bars 6
wheels 23
brakes 99
steering 79
body 10
body electrics, wiper headlamps etc 21
interior 25
doors - windows 45
central locking 4
steering 79
electrics (general) 21
heat & vent 7
seats 14

This Repair Manual CD contains information intended for G-Class 461/463 - but since most of the information is also valid for the G-Class 460 it represents substantial help for owners wanting to keep their G460 in shape.

The 460 supplement CD is great. Even though, intended mainly for 461 and 463 most everything is valid for the 460. No more photographs - instead b&w images (see the example page). More importantly, many replacement parts are listed with their order numbers right next to the image of the repair stage.

The 461/463 manual has some other valuable stuff that was not covered in the first 460 publication. Great material on replacing windows, expanded material on pedals and clutch adjustment, wheel and suspension alignment etc. etc.

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460 series workshop supplement

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