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Ten Stupid Things
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Jim Roger's GLK

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500 GE trivia

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Important Gelaendewagen links

Here is a short list of the sites that I frequent most often:


cool collection of valuable links

most likely the greatest G owners forum on the web

GWOA very active British G owners forum, one of my favorites
used to be good - but has fallen behind

the new kid on the block - looks promising
wanted to replace #1 but has no posts

currently off line - sad!. In German
just how web sites should look like
one of the best! in English
great tech articles and classifieds
Britsh off-road magazine
Klaus' personal G site - good infos
English & German

Hans' personal G site - valuable tips
English & German

Soly's personal G site
very complete link list
this one will keep your browsing for hours
pictures, videos - super cool!
Cool G site! Race and rallye related. Has not been updated for years



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