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Rocker Panel Clearance

Mercedes-Benz vs Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Mercedes-Benz ML 320 has 8.4 inches ground clearance under the sub frame for the axles.


Thats a pretty good! Sufficient for most verything you'll encounter when roads get rough.



the M-Class rocker panel clearance was sacrificed in order to create a low step in height

and there are a few off-road situations imaginable where more would be better.


The following scene demonstrates why the ML320 suffers when rocker clearance is needed.



The Jeep Grand Cherokee has a clear advantage over the ML320 when it comes to rocker clearance.

ML 320 clearance 10.5 inches

rocker panel clearance

 Grand Cherokee 13.5 inches

rocker panel clearance

Larger tires and aftermarket springs will create more clearance

for the very few drivers that ever want to explore the rough country.

99.9% of us who are much more comfortable with paved roads
will never miss those few inches under our doors.


Ground clearance comparison M-Class vs G-Class