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Rubicon introduction plus 2013 Jeepers Jamboree

A once in a lifetime experience

To participate in the annual Jeepers Jamboree is for Jeep enthusiasts like a journey to Mecca - you have to do it at least once in your life.

But what if you don't have a suitable vehicle or you own one, but simply live too far away to drive to California? Well, I am willing to give you one of my professionally built vehicles, provided that you participate in an introductory course similar to the Rubicon for "first-timers" event before participating in the Jeepers Jamboree. The training before is vital for your success and enjoyment during the Jamboree.

The articipation of the Rubicon for first-timers intruduction in order for you to gain enough substantial extreme 4x4 driving experience is included. Get familiar enough with the trail to be able to drive the entire Rubicon Trail incident free without my assistance. Without a previous hands on 4x4 training, you would most likely not make it to Rubicon Springs. And that's where the big Jeep party will be - the one you wouldn't want to miss.

Many of you have called, telling me you had 20 years of 4x4 experience and you wouldn't need any additional training. Good! However, unless you have 10 years of Rubicon experience I will not hand you the key to one of my cars. The Rubicon is so mean that it escapes your imagination. Look at the Gatekeeper-Video - that's the relatively easy start of the trail!

So, here is how things will unfold: Saturday (7/20) arrival and motel in Georgetown, Sunday - Wednesday, 4 full days on the trail, 3 nights camping in the arms of Mother Nature. Wednesday night dinner at Camp Virner and motel in Georgetown. Thursday 7/25 through Sunday 7/27 unfolding of the Jeepers Jamboree on the Rubicon Trail and in Rubicon Springs. Sunday night return to Georgetown, motel. Monday departure. Please check also the Rubicon 4x4Adventure and Jeepers Jamboree itinerary.

Included in trip fee:

* Guided trip Georgetown - Georgetown
* 3 nights hotel
* 6 days use of a strong safe 4WD vehicle
* 2 persons per vehicle max.
* max group size: 4 guests (2 cars)
* All vehicle operating costs
* Jeepers Jamboree event fee
* Comfortable, clean camping equipment
* Plenty of delicious food and beverages
* Restaurant meals are included in price as well

Trip fee: $2,435.00 per person

The Jeepers Jamboree does not accept kids under 14!

Participation of 7/21 Rubicon 4x4 Adventure included

You'll be very tired - I guarantee it!

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Trip information, driving tips and a Rubicon slide show is available online