last updated 5-14-2004


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 ML320 brake wear

How long do M-Class brake pads last? Does 4ETS cause premature brake pad wear? I don't think so. My brakes fared well.

The light indicating brake wear started flickering around 31,000 miles. I was not able to replace the pads right away - in fact, I drove another 7,000 miles before I got to put in new pads. Just in time!

At 38,021 miles the front pads had almost no material left. The rear looked somewhat better.

Parts are somewhat expensive: about $ 160 front, $120 rear.

Follow Author Pete Fagerlin's instructions in case you need to replace the rotors.

The front pads looked pretty bad.

The rear pads had some life left - but I replaced them anyway.

All you need are some simple tools to change the brakes, including a #40 Torx bit .