4x4 Events

The Fine Print

Who can participate:

If you want to drive one of my vehicles, I need to see your valid drivers license. Previous experience with 4x4 vehicles is not required. Unless stated differently, none of the events have age restrictions. Everyone is welcome - from baby to senior.

Your health:

You should be in good health. No one with heart conditions, previous seizures, or high blood pressure or other potentially life threatening illnesses, please! All events are held outdoors and certain weather conditions (possible high heat as well as downpours) can put a strain on you. Especially the day hike and cave painting expedition in Baja California will be exhausting for some.

How to sign up:

  • A deposit equal to 50% of the trip/seminar fee reserves your space.
  • Upon receipt of your deposit I will send you a written confirmation. Additional information on the particular trip/seminar and other useful information is found on my web site.
  • The balance of trip/seminar fee is due not later than 60 days before event date.

How to cancel:

  • Your cancellation must be in writing. Fax or e-mail O.K. (make sure you get a delivery confirmation for your mail)
  • If you cancel more than 90 days before the trip/course/seminar date, your deposit will be refunded in full - minus a $100.00 handling fee.
  • Cancellations 90 - 30 days before the event starts, 50% of the deposit will be refunded.
  • Cancellations 30 days before the event starts: Sorry, no refund.
  • No refunds for unused portions of the trip/course/seminar package.
  • I strongly recommend getting travel insurance in case you have to cancel late.


Certain other provisions concerning, among other things, limitations of the company's liability for loss of property, injury, illness or death during the adventure trips/seminars, will be provided to all participants prior to begin of event, and to prospective participants upon request.

No surprise, automobiles are known do break down - even my painstakingly serviced vehicles. Because we are far away from any garage on our trip/seminars, and the automobile club is not just a phone call way, we have to help ourselves. I carry many spare parts and I am able to fix almost anything. But not everything. That's why it is possible that a trip's itinerary might have to be changed or we might even have to call off the trip half way through. Luckily, this has not happened since the start in 1986 (better knock on wood), but we have to keep it in mind. Sorry, in such cases there will be no refund.

In case you bring your own vehicle and break down I will do everything in my power (within reasonable limits of course) to get you moving.

If you break something on one of my vehicles:

Don't worry! The vehicles are properly insured.
However, if you act against my directives or act recklessly I will hold you responsible for damages.

What to expect for your money:

I will personally lead every adventure trip or 4x4 course. For some events, strong modified 4WD vehicles and comfortable camping gear is provided by me. If a vehicle is provided, you will share one of the 4x4s with a second person, unless otherwise stated. You'll get to pick the vehicle (first come first serve) and stay with it for the duration of the event. All vehicle expenses are covered. Unless advertised differently, I'll supply ample food and beverages - nothing fancy though, but you'll love it.
Some 4x4 courses include a detailed handout (may be printed or on CD) focussing on the subject of the class. Other material will happily be provided upon request.
No refunds for unused portions of the trip/course/seminar package.

Smoking and alcohol policy:

Due to the extreme fire hazard, there is no smoking inside my cars at all times, moving or not. My insurance wants it that way. Please be extremely careful when you have to smoke during our breaks and in camp.

No drugs or alcohol may be consumed during all events. Moderate consumption of alcohol at camp is acceptable

The environment and 4WD:

All trips, courses and seminars are environmentally sound. Please help to preserve the beauty of Nature.

THE ADVENTURE COMPANY Inc., a California corporation, is dedicated to teach and spread the idea of low impact back country travel and vehicle use.

Do you have further questions? Don't hesitate to call me, Harald Pietschmann :
Tel. (530) 333 2696, or better, send e-mail

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