Details - Expert 4x4 Training

Kinda dry (sorry!) physics & mechanics:
Refresher of 4x4 basics
Vehicle limits
Using torque and traction wisely
Tire size and air pressure
Which lockers are best
Why limited slip is bad
Body protection
Stronger axles?
Hand signals
Automatic or stick?
Winch basics

Hands on:
Evaluation of challenges
Trail prep?
Minor field fixes
Gear selection
How to steer
Tire placement
Use of throttle
Use of clutch
Handicap of automatics
Strategic use of lockers
Advantage of front lockers
Vehicle orientation
Why momentum is bad
Signs of danger
Psychological challenges
Detailed student evaluation

Detailed handout provided
either in print or on CD

I should not really need to mention it, but I will: Main focus aside from driving techniques and valuable background information during all classes will be your personal safety.

more information
weather, what to bring etc.