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The renaissance of VCD as safety feature in 4WD

I get a lot of mail concerning the safety advantages of 4WD or how 4WD failed to provide a safe drive - like the following one:

My daughter just had a little accident driving down a snow covered road. She spun out and hit a guardrail. She is fine, she was told by our mechanic that the reason she spun out was because she was driving in 4 wheel drive.
Would you please verify or deny this.
Thank you
Concerned MOM!"

Well, 4WD makes driving a little more stable and in that sense a little safer - but not much. Unfortunately most drivers feel so safe in a 4WD that they drive faster on slippery surfaces than they should. Lets not forget, all the new features like 4x4, AWD, ABS, ABD, BAS, EBV, ESC etc. etc. can't defy the laws of physics.

That's why an old fashioned driving feature found a strong renaissance: VCD.

VCD? you ask. Yes, VCD - a very careful driver!

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Your site is the most informative I've found on the web. Thank you for eliminating many myths I've had around 4WD.

Ian 01-08-05