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Four Wheel Drive Basics

Driving Beyond Pavement

Driving a car is a vital part of our life.
Learnig how to drive did not require much.
Now driving happens almost subconciously.
We see a red trafic light: we stop.
We see a sharp turn in the road: we slow down.
We see an open road : we speed up.

Visual impressions let us take appropriate action. At least most of the time.

Most roads are paved and level, providing good traction.


Lets face it: Driving is a no-brainer.

Driving a Sport Utility Vehicle is a no-brainer as well.
On pavement, that is.

Beyond pavement you are on your own.

No lines. No signs. Nothing. Nada. Nil.


Its entirely up to you to do the right thing.

Are you absolutely certain, you know what to do?