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 updated 11-21-2000







WINTER TIRES tires for the M-Class

 brand  model    size load range  speed index

Bridgestone  Winter Dueler DM-Z2  215/80 R 16 103 Q
 Yokohama  Geolandar G071   103 Q
 Bridgestone  Winter Dueler DM-Z2  215/70 R 16  99 Q
 Continental 4x4 Winter Contact    n/a  S
 Cooper  Weather Master S/T   100 S
  Dunlop  SP Winter Sport M2    99  T
 Mastercraft  Glacier Grip    100 S
 Michelin 4x4 Alpin   99 S
 Yokohama  Geolandar G071   99 Q
 Cooper  Weather Master S/T 225/70 R 16  101 S
 Goodyear  Wrangler Ultra Grip   102 T
Mastercraft  Glacier Grip   101 S
 Nokian  Hakkapeliitta 1    103 T
 Continental   4x4 Winter Contact   235/70 R 16  n/a S
 Cooper Weather Master S/T    104 S
 Fulda  Tramp 4x4 Yukon   105 T
 Goodyear Wrangler Ultra Grip   105 T
 Mastercraft Glacier Grip    104 S
 Michelin 4x4 Alpin   105 S
 Nokian  Hakkapeliitta 1   105
 Yokohama   Geolandar G071   105 Q
 Bridgestone    Winter Dueler DM-Z2  245/70 R 16 107 Q
 Cooper    Weather Master S/T   106 S
 Goodyear   Wrangler Ultra Grip    107 T
 Mastercraft Glacier Grip   107
  Nokian  Hakkapeliitta 1    108  T
 Yokohama  Geolandar G071   107 Q
 Dunlop  SP Winter Sport M2 245/60 R 16 108 H
 Continental 4x4 Winter Contact    255/65 R 16  109  T
 Goodyear  Wrangler Ultra Grip     109  S
 Michelin  4x4 Alpin    109  T
 Nokian Hakkapeliitta 1     109  Q
 Continental 4x4 Winter Contact     235/65 R 17  n/a  H
 Continental 4x4 Winter Contact     255/60 R 17  n/a
 Dunlop  SP Winter Sport M2    106  H
 Nokian  Hakkapeliitta 1   255/55 R 17 104 
 Continental 4x4 Winter Contact     255/55 R 18  n/a  H

All tire sizes displayed here are within factory specs for the M-Class

Please be aware that winter tires are onle the second best thing when it comes to traction on snow. Snow chains rule.

Learn how to drive safely and confidently on snow and ice