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The Jim Rogers GLK Project 

and Millennium Adventure


The "GLK" is the most stylish 4x4 expedition vehicle ever built:

For a 3 year journey around the globe, the "
Millennium Adventure", millionaire and globetrotter, Jim Rogers had the body of a Mercedes-Benz SLK convertible mated with the running gear of a Mercedes-Benz G300D 4WD, one of the world's most capable off-road vehicles.

Jim Rogers: "No one has ever documented the world at the end or beginning of a millennium. Paige Parker and I will set out from Iceland on 1 January 1999 on a 150,000 kilometer ride around the world and arrive back in New York 31 December 2001. We will cover as many countries as possible on all six continents."

As it turned out the entire trip was more than 240.000 kilometers.

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